Welcome to our shop. Your money will be used to sustain and develop the server. Our server and website for example already have a monthly fee of $190. All our payments are done through PayPal, you do not need a PayPal account to finish a payment. If you are here to make a purchase for the first time, use couponcode: "FIRSTTIME" for 10% off!

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Tokens allow you to unlock many different things in-game. Check out the /token shop to see what you can get!

Our monthly donation goal to pay for all servers, domains and site. This is excluding plugin development.
Monthly Goal: $190.00
243 / 190 (128%)
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[CW] Anti-Hunger · Fri at 18:30
[ALL] 10x Legendary Keys · Fri at 18:19
[ALL] 10x Legendary Keys (x2) · Fri at 12:21
[ALL] 10x Legendary Keys (x2) · Fri at 4:00
[ALL] 10x Legendary Keys (x4) · Thu at 22:20