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Just like last year we'll be throwing a gigantic Christmas sale on our donation store on 25 and 26 December.

Everything in the donation store will be 50% off, even the Max Donator package, which is normally 75$!

Have a nice day and a merry Christmas!
[M] King I feel like this is steam, but with less products.
[M] justin2046 If only I knew about the Christmas sale lasted year -.-
[M] EAD_PLZ going for that max donor package ...

As most of you know already, Avatar Survival has been reset.

We added some important changes which you should be aware of:
• You can now bend in other their factions with all bending abilities.
• The /chest will no longer randomly reset.
• There is a new spawn which is much more user friendly.
• More items have been added to the shop and it has been made more economy hardcore.
• Added a /change command for information about changing elements.
• Added a /rec command for faction base recommendations protection wise.
• Disabled a few bending abilities due to crashes, these will come back later.
• Working on a new Master Rank system, all old masters have been reset.
• Every player is allowed to pick a new bending ability. Avatars kept their VIP title.
• You can now use 1.8 features on Avatar Survival.

Furthermore I would like to let you all know that you may encounter lag and/or other bugs. The lag is due to the update to 1.8, which will fade away as time passes. I have loaded all chunks in the map to reduce this lag.

If you encounter a bug you can use /modreq in game or use the Contact button on the site.

Have a wonderful day!
[M] zenadog It is still not up and it is blocked by some blocks and we still can't get in!!!!! When will we be able to go back into ...
Hello there!

I was honestly amazed by time and effort you had all put into this competition. It was very nice to go through all the submissions!

First of all, I want to thank all who participated. You really made something nice! If you want to see what everyone made for yourself, you can do so by going here.

At last I will announce the winner, who in my opinion had the most creative idea and showed some fine dedication!

The winner is.. 1227crazykidCongratulations! Click here to view the submission.

You will be contacted by me and asked which prize you want! Either the 50$ USD on Steam or a 75$ USD coupon code on Ophion!

Awh! I didn't win! Don't worry, there will be more competitions in the future. And like I said, you have all really showed me something nice.

Have a nice day!
[M] Jorin_Nife Awh! I didn't win!
[M] Basestone Congratulations!
[V] coolalec I didn't win *cries in a corner* But congrats crazy! I'mm very happy for you!! ...
Recent Changes
Staff are now able to access chat logs in order to help people who can not take screenshots but still want to report somebody for advertising or saying something disrespectful.
VIPs on Avatar Survival can now use /recipe
Fixed being able to open doors/gates in enemy factions on Avatar Survival.
Disabled the chat shown on Dynmap on Towny due to it showing staffchat messages.
Skyblock has been fixed. (Forgot to post this earlier, happened 2 days ago)
You do not have access to shout
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