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Hello there!

Here I will post updates on the transfer to the new 128GB machine. More info about this can be found here.

 Network (3GB)
 Lobby (3GB) +1
Skywar (3GB) +1
 Dwarventure (4GB)
 Skyblock & Creative (7GB) +2
 Castle Wars (6GB) +1
 Avatar Survival (9GB) +3
 Venlious RPG (5GB) +2

Total used at the moment 30 GB

You will notice downtime for all servers, I will also put the ram behind it.

You will realise we keep a lot of ram left over, for future projects.
[M] evilssj100 ya from what i have seen avatar is the most successful part of the server.
[M] btyson123 If all the other servers get transered at the same time, then skywars might actualy have people on it.
Hello there people!

I am here to thank you all for participating in the Ophion Summer Competition, it has been a great joy looking and reading what you all have done. After reading and looking for some time, here are my results!

The Building Competition is won by.. Jaybro25
- You can view his work here: /p h Jaybro25

The Quote Competition is won by.. Maedyl
- His quote was "A little Ophion a day keeps the boredom at bay!"

The Coolest Faction/Island/Castle Competition is won by.. Exoed
- His faction had the best looks and was the most original in my opinion.

Again, thanks for participating. I will be contacting all three winners and hope to see you again next time!
[M] sophieedance11 O Good job to all ...
[M] lulleelu Exoed made a new base? Nice
[M] Jorin_Nife Aw... I was hoping that I would win... *Walks off into the darkness*

We will get our 128GB ram machine tommorow, the first of August! We are very excited about this and are sure you will notice the power improvements on the server. Unfortunately, this comes with some bad news as well. All servers will have a little downtime, longest is probably 24 hours. We will transfer all servers one by one to the new machine and clean them up from old unwanted data at the same time. We will also take this opportunity to update some more plugins to support the 1.8 name changes and use the UUID system. More information about when and how, will be given when we are ready.

The EULA, what's going to happen?

Simple. Nothing. What I did before, were backup plans. Plans to fall on if Mojang actually enforces its plans. Thanks for the ideas and please do not worry. Why am I not going to do anything? Actually.. It has always been against the rules of Mojang. They never allowed it. Now that they bring it out to public doesn't mean they will do something against it? They could.

See Minecraft as a highway and servers as cars, the people who play on the server are passengers. All servers who are accepting donations for ranks which give you in game advantages are speeders. You have speeders who go a little too fast and speeders who go way too fast. Now see Mojang as the cops, the cops doesn't always pull you over for going a little to fast, they focus on the ones that go  way too fast. These are servers that accept donation packages over 1000$, that's just absurd and not even fun anymore. We are a medium community server with a fun player base who are just going a little too fast. We accept enough donations to keep our head above water and to create more fun content. Why should we slow down, when there are others doing worse? We aren't the problem Mojang is focusing on, we are the ones they are trying to defend.

Please do not hate the EULA or Mojang, they are doing what is best in their eyes. You should be mad at the extreme speeders. Stop them, not the EULA or Mojang. The EULA should perhaps say that the ranks should be 'reasonable' and not disallowing everything which causes an advantage, that would make more sense to me. Since that's the best way to receive enough donations to keep everything running.

I hope this calmed you all down a little.

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