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To celebrate the release of our Merchandise Store we'll be giving away an item on this store! The winner gets to pick the design and item. If the winner - for some reason - doesn't want any item in the store they could get a $40 coupon-code

How can I participate?

You can particpate by commenting on the Submissions Thread. What can you submit? Anything. A building, poem etc. As long as it is related to Ophion in a way. The more creative you think, the better! Just keep it appropriate at all times. You are allowed to make multiple submissions in different posts.

How long do I have?

The deadline is 1 October 2015. Make sure to submit before then!

[M] Wolfss awesome, don't think I'd win anything ._.
[V] IamMelody Sounds neat.
[V] furfur0162 Good luck everyone.

The Ophion Merchandise Store has been released. You can find it here:

There are two versions of the Ophion logo you can choose from. One is drawn and the other is the one as you know it. The drawn one looks quite good and doesn't necessarily look like a logo. Not only that, but there are many different products to choose from.

[M] JeremiahMC AHH THIS IS SOO HYPE ! I want to bye some but i can't D:
[M] wee786harry Damn I would buy some of this but Id be called sad by about everyone I know......
[V] RiverOwns Can I have an Ophion cat


As most of you know SkyKits is close to being released, all information available can be found here. Want a countdown timer? Click here.

Coming out: 11 July 2015 - Time can be found on the event page.

[S] UnlitedOwns Click on the video and it'll tell in the description.
[M] wee786harry What song is used in that trailer, May I ask?
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Recent Changes
Fixed some minor issues on SkyKits.
Temporary disabled the lightning for the firebenders on Avatar Survival after many lag reports.
Fixed the hotbar on Avatar Survival.
Players can no longer use airbending to open doors, toggle levers or buttons on Avatar Survival.
Released Ophion Merchandise Store.
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