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First of all, Ophion would like to thank everyone who participated in this years Halloween Events! The submissions were all wonderful, and it is a shame that we can only choose one winner per contest. Ophion has so much talent throughout its whole community, so without further a-do, Here are the contest winners!

-- Build-Out Competition Winner --
CassyCG - ($10.00 Donation Store Coupon)

-- Appalling Appearance Competition Winner --
Jorin_Nife - ($8.00 Donation Store Coupon)

Once again, Ophion would like to thank everyone who put in so much time and effort to keep the community active this Halloween. We hope you all have a frightful day off and a day full of tricks, but plenty of treats!

Have a great day,
- Allie (Alliedragon) & Jake (PhantomBreeze)

[M] CassyCG Yay ...
[V] TheMelGeek Congratulations! ...
[M] Wolfss Hey ranya! Don't forget me! I built the cave! > ...


[S] UnlitedOwns posted Oct 25, 15


I made a thread concerning Staff Authority & Player Behaviour which had quite a few helpful reactions. I am here to share the results of this form.

The maximum amount of punishments a player can get will be lowered from 8 to 6. If you currently have 5, 6 or 7 warnings you should be aware that another warning will result in you getting banned permanently.

Overall rudeness, which could be seen as provocative behaviour - will no longer be tolerated. This won't change a lot, but will result in some clearer version of the rules on this part.

Players will get tempmuted/banned automatically by the server if a warning contains certain words. That way we can keep much better track of how many offenses a player has by just checking the amount of warnings they have. This will result in more severe punishments with the same consequences at the end.

Furthermore, we will continue to ask players to be polite to each other. Everyone gets a little upset every now and then, they may not even be mad at the person they are swearing at - but just angry about something else. The more we understand each other, the more we can help.

Thank you for your time reading this. Expect these changes to happen over the next couple of days.

[M] frenchsharkboy55 So if there is vulgar language in a private message, and it isn't aimed at the person you still don't get warned? Also, ...

Halloween Party

[S] AllieDragon posted Oct 20, 15

Happy Halloween Everyone!

This year, the Ophion Staff have lined up some great activities leading up to a spectacular Halloween Party on Saturday, October 31st! These events are listed below and include building, designing, and strategic planning. There will also be some amazing prizes given out to the winners of these events! These prizes include certain items from the Ophion Donation Store! More information regarding these prizes are posted with the Appropriate Events. Without further ado, here are some of the events we hope you will get involved with over the next few days!

  • Halloween Build-Out!
    Compete against other players and design a build that represents Halloween in all of its Glory! This is one of the only times of the year where people are allowed to put on a mask and become someone/something they are not, and we hope you will unveil your building creativity on your building plot(s) on the Creative Server! There are no requirements/limitations to this event. The only thing we ask you to do is register for the event at under the "Halloween Build-out" Section. This will ensure that you will be considered to win the competition! Prize for this Competition is an 10.00 Voucher Coupon for the Ophion Donation Store!

  • Appalling Appearance!
    Show us your creative talent and design a Frightful Costume to wear to the Halloween Party! For this competition, all Participants must create a Skin that is Spooktacularly appealing to the Eye! The only thing we ask you to do is register for the event at under the "Appalling Appearance" Section. This will ensure that you will be considered to win the competition! Prize for this Competition is an 8.00 Voucher Coupon for the Ophion Donation Store!

  • Ophion Halloween Party!
    To conclude Halloween with our great community we have, Ophion will be hosting an all-day party on Saturday, October 31st. We invite you to come to the lobby and participate in some of the Small Halloween Activities we will have set up. For these Minor Activities, you can Win Lobby Coins! At 12:00 PM (EST), We will Announce the Build-Out and Appalling Appearance Winners and those users will be given their prizes!

We hope that you have a Safe and Great Halloween Day/Night and We Hope that you will join us for Our Halloween Party!
- Allie (AllieDragon) & Jake (PhantomBreeze)

[M] ✞ King ✞ Can we team up on the build?
[V] Jorin_Nife Say I already have a scary skin made and am already wearing it. Could I still enter with it? Also, say I have a build th ...
[M] XanKova sweet, see you guys there!
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