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Hello there!

Minecraft will be letting you change your in game name the 4th of February. We need to be ready for these changes. It could mean your island, castle, faction or whatever wouldn't be yours anymore if you changed your name. You wouldn't want that? Would you?

To make everything compatible we will put the server in maintenance mode on 31 January. We do not have an exact time, but the server motd will keep you updated on the progress.
[M] duration4 Will you change your name unlited?
[M] ✞ King ✞ So we can change it once on that date or from that point forward we can change our name whenever we want?

I know most of you are expecting something from Ophion. Some want the Venlious RPG server to be done, others want a Garry's Mod DarkRP server up and running and another lot of people want a revamp for Dwarventure and Skywar. The thing with all these things is: They cost a lot of time. Time I do not have this moment. The time that I do have is being put into the keeping up with the current tasks the server has for me.

I understand that you really look forward to all these updates and changes, you're not alone. I do too. I really do want to make all these wonderful ideas happen and make Ophion stand out even more. All I need is patience. I expect to have a lot of time around May this year as I finish school around that time. Meaning, I have lots of free time until college starts. I plan on becoming a Game Developer, so the content of Ophion can grow in ways you could only imagine before.

I thank everyone who has an account on the forums, who plays the server, who made a faction, who made a town, who made an island, who made a castle, who donated, who created, who stayed and who is now reading. Ophion isn't a thing, Ophion is you. You are an important piece of Ophion, all of you combined creates what we have now; A strong community.

Let's make this happen.
[V] ~Pwns~ Oh my! Ophion is me? *cries of happiness* Take your time, Tristan. <3
[M] 저스틴 ㅡJustinㅡ I donated ....so swag
[V] ~Juju~ O
123jujubee @ Ophion ♦ Skyblock
I made donated, made an island, etc. When it was just skyblock, it was a little boring, but I decided to stay and play. ...

As most of you know already, Avatar Survival has been reset.

We added some important changes which you should be aware of:
• You can now bend in other their factions with all bending abilities.
• The /chest will no longer randomly reset.
• There is a new spawn which is much more user friendly.
• More items have been added to the shop and it has been made more economy hardcore.
• Added a /change command for information about changing elements.
• Added a /rec command for faction base recommendations protection wise.
• Disabled a few bending abilities due to crashes, these will come back later.
• Working on a new Master Rank system, all old masters have been reset.
• Every player is allowed to pick a new bending ability. Avatars kept their VIP title.
• You can now use 1.8 features on Avatar Survival.

Furthermore I would like to let you all know that you may encounter lag and/or other bugs. The lag is due to the update to 1.8, which will fade away as time passes. I have loaded all chunks in the map to reduce this lag.

If you encounter a bug you can use /modreq in game or use the Contact button on the site.

Have a wonderful day!
[M] 11LordMihai how can i download avatar survival server
[M] ColdFoxFire oh okay thanks ...
[M] zenadog It is still not up and it is blocked by some blocks and we still can't get in!!!!! When will we be able to go back into ...
Recent Changes
Avatar Survival now has 64 slots again as the crashes seem to be fixed.
Fixed the no effects arena on Dwarventure.
Fixed the enderchest at the Castle Wars spawn.
Castle Wars is back online!
Added a new achievement to the Lobby. It is called 'Old Lobby'.
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