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Minecraft just released version 1.7.6 and 1.7.7 - The server still runs 1.7.5 - In order to play the server you must go back to 1.7.5 and wait for us to update! How to? Watch the video!


Castle Wars has been opened. We have changed a lot of stuff, like the design of the castle for example. But a lot of positive improvements have been made. Like a new friends plugin which won't require you to unfriend your friends before you play a game of Capture the Flag with them. You are also safe from PvP the first 30 minutes you play on Castle Wars. This is optional and can be toggled off before. This 30 minute protection doesn't affect minigames. You'll find a bunch of more great improvements. We hope you will all enjoy the changes made!

[M] frenchsharkboy55 wow that made it like 10% cooler! now it's OVER 9000!!!!
[M] Dark_Kurama Guys, its open. I dont think u no this.
[M] Jorin_Nife I like to leave comments.

We noticed there were some connection issues after the Minecraft multiplayer sessions went offline, we have succesfully fixed all servers and this shouldn't happen again.

I also took this opportunity to fix Skyblock. There were some bugs which now should be fixed. Also the Walls is now working again.

Have fun!
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