November 2012 — September 2018

5 years and 10 months

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The decision to shut down Ophion was made the 4th of August 2018. Please understand that it was not an easy call to make. Ophion has been part of my life for such a long time, and has always been challenging for me to find the right balance between my personal life and working on the server. Running a server is tough and requires a lot of (continuous) work. Keep in mind that a server must compete for players with other servers and games, all while managing a community and keeping up-to-date with all the latest developments. Luckily, I have always had the help of the Ophion Staff; these people spent their free time to make your experience more enjoyable, for which I'm extremely grateful. Ophion would never have been possible had it not been for the community. I have seen many different people over the course of over five years, some of which have remained until today. If you have been, still are, or have just become part of this community: thank you. You motivated me to create something I am proud of. To treasure the many friendships formed on Ophion, the Discord server will remain open to everyone.

Thank You

Many people have helped out Ophion in one way or another. I want to give a great deal of thanks to those who supported the server monetarily — without these people, we certainly wouldn't have been able to stay online for over five years. I would also like to thank some people individually by username: AggroFilms, Ahlyae, Ajanssens, alecvdh2, aleroa, AllieDragon, Almuric, AmateurFish, Annaistic, Averwynn, AwesomnessFace, Berend, birdiefly209, brcdev, Brooklyn_56, carlybrugs, Commander9292, DadKova, daken1997, Dawnylife, Duffler, Ebisu, Exoed, Extraice, Feared, Feathers2, Finn_Bueno_, FluffyYataboKun, FourthHouse, Freelancer_Asul, Frenchsharkboy55, furfur0162, Himmelreich10, Hondenss, ironmonkey286, javilegolin, Jednerd, jessica101800, JetMaddox, Jorin_Nife, K3Jer, KenzieKat1901, KibaKakashi, kittycat1108, Kosame_San, Lady_Creeperly, LancedmitriIV, Legit_Archer, Lloganboxx, LocoForTacos, Malique05, midget321, MilkFish, Moboshiro, moniemonie48, mulders11, PhantomBreeze, rangdad, Rasii, RcDelta38, Sabooboo, sophieedance11, SpookyBerry, stippery1926, TheAvatarState, TheKaeTheory, ToffleApple, Unslain, Whackyorb, xDynamicTntx, xRosex, and xXpiggelinZz.


• 100.000+ unique users joined Ophion • 2.100+ days of Ophion • 2.600+ site members • 9.931.000+ total forum views • 58.000+ total forum posts — Tristan Volk (UnlitedOwns, server owner)
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